Annual plans
From now on, you can offer annual plans on your podcasts. New functionality to sell even more. 

Let's see how it works. 

How to activate an annual plan?

It's very simple; follow the following steps: 
  1. Go to "Promotions"
  2. Select the option "Activate annual plan"
  3. Put a price for your annual plan
  4. Save

How the annual plan appears on my landing

The annual plan is shown like this: 

Once a user clicks on the button, Mumbler offers monthly and annually plan: 

What does it happen if a monthly subscriber wants to change to an annual plan?

There is no problem. Your subscriber will see the option on your podcasts landing page:

Hope this new functionality helps you sell even more.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us using the chat. It will be a pleasure to chat with you.  

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