All of my content will be restricted subscribers?
Mumbler is designed so you can monetize your audience. However, we understand the importance of sharing part of your content publicly.

Therefore, you have three ways to create podcasts on Mumbler:

Free podcasts: By subscribing to a Pro plan, you have the option to create unlimited free podcasts. With this type of account, you can publish as many podcasts as you want.

Premium podcasts: You don't need a Pro account to publish a premium podcast. In this case, you can control access to your podcast so that only people who have subscribed through the payment gateway can listen to it.

Audio series: You also do not need a Pro account.

Furthermore, when you create a premium podcast, we allow you to create three different types of episodes, each with different visibility:

Private episodes: accessible only to your subscribers.

Trailer episodes: featured on your podcast page on Mumbler, so that anyone can get an idea of what your podcast is about and what to expect if they subscribe.

Public episodes: can be listened to by any visitor to your page on Mumbler and on podcatchers where you add your public RSS feed.

You can choose the type of episode in the episode settings.

Free users can publish a maximum of 50% of the episodes as free. Pro users can publish as many free episodes as they want.

NOTE: For audio series, the publication of free episodes is not allowed.

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