All of my content will be restricted subscribers?
Mumbler is designed so you can monetize your audience. But we know it is useful to share part of the content publicly. 

For this reason, on your premium podcasts, we allow you to create 3 different types of episodes which will have a different visibility:
  • Private episodes: only available to your subscribers.
  • Trailer episodes: highlighted on your podcast page on Mumbler so anyone can find out what your podcast is about and what to expect if they subscribe.
  • Public episodes: they can be listened to by any visitor to your page on Mumbler and on the podcatchers on which you add your public RSS.
You can select the episode type in the episode settings: 

To maintain the essence of Mumbler, which is focused on creating paid podcasts, only 50% of your episodes can be public. 

If you have already published 50% of public episodes, you will have to create a new private episode before uploading a public one.

If you have any question do not hesitate to ask us. 

NOTE: We don't allow public episodes on audioseries. 
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Mumbler Help and Support | 2023