Customize the podcast/audioserie landing
At Mumbler, we know how important it is to have a brand. With landing page customization, you can control the branding of your audioserie or podcast page.

Choose your color

In the podcast/audioserie settings you’ll find your Custom Brand Color setting. This feature allows you to customize the color of your landing page, so that it is more on brand.  

You can also select a color of your choice from the color picker, or by entering the Hex value. 

Accessible to all

Please respect Web Contrast Accessibility and try to not choose a color that is too light or dark.

What will be updated on my landing?

The color you select is used in your podcast/audiosere landingpage buttons (“Subscribe” button, links, etc...)

Want to switch back to Mumbler's color?

Our brand color will always be there for you. You can always switch back if our brand color works for you. This is the Hex value: #0D122A

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