How to import your podcast feed to Mumbler
Do you have a podcast published on another platform? 

Now you can bring it to Mumbler with just a few clicks.

Step 1: Log in to Mumbler

Once there, click on your profile picture (top right) and then on Settings.

On the left-hand sidebar, navigate to PRODUCTS.

Step 2: Create a new podcast

From PRODUCTS, select the CREATE option.

Next, you should select the IMPORT PODCAST option.

Step 3: Copy the original feed from your platform

From this point onward, you should navigate to the platform where your podcast is published.

In the following example, you can see how to do it on Spotify for Podcasters.

Where to find your feed on Spotify for Podcasters?

Go to Spotify for Podcasters and click on SETTINGS (Top right) and from the dropdown menu, choose PODCAST AVAILABILITY.

There you will see the option "Distribution via RSS feed" where you'll find your feed.

You should copy it and take it to Mumbler.

Step 4: Paste the feed into Mumbler

Back on Mumbler, you need to paste the link you just copied and click the IMPORT button.

At that moment, you'll see the notice that your podcast import is in progress, so you can go grab a coffee while we do the dirty work. ūüėé

While the feed is being imported, you'll see the cover of your podcast loading and in a lighter color. That means everything is going well.

And when the import is complete, you'll see an invitation to finish configuring it.

Press EDIT to perform the basic configurations for your podcast (Title, description, welcome message, URL, and more).

Your podcast is now hosted on Mumbler! ūü•≥

But you still have one last task to do.

Step 5: Take the Mumbler feed to all platforms.

Why should you take the Mumbler feed to other platforms?

You need to make one final configuration so that every time you publish a new episode, your podcast updates on all platforms.

Go to the podcast and click on EDIT.

"From there, you should click on 'Copy Public RSS Link'."

And once you have copied it, you should go to the other platforms. 

  • Changing the feed on Spotify for Podcasters:
Go to Spotify for Podcasters, select your show, and in the Information tab, scroll down to Podcast Settings.

Scroll down to Licensor/Hosting Provider and click on Update.

There, a new window will open where you can paste the public feed from Mumbler.

After a brief check, you'll be able to continue with the procedure.

Upon confirming your hosting provider, you should select the option Other/Don't know and click Next (bottom right).

A final check to ensure everything is in order, then click Finish.

From that moment on, any episode you upload to Mumbler will also appear on Spotify.

  • Changing the feed on Apple Podcasts:

You need to go to Apple Podcasts Connect.

Select the show for which you want to change the feed.

Under Show Information, you have the option to change the RSS Feed.

Click on EDIT.

A box will appear where you should paste the public feed from Mumbler and click SAVE.

From this moment on, all episodes you upload to Mumbler will also appear on Apple Podcasts.
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